Beslag Design AB

What would life be without details? How would it be without handles on doors and drawers? Or lighting in closets and cabinets? Life would be a bit more complicated for sure. But besides having a purely practical function, the details complement the rest of the interior and showcase the room designer’s personality and nature. At Beslag Design, we keep up with the latest trends and classics that never go out of fashion. The details that withstand life. That soften or formalise, that stick out or blend in. In our online shop, you find handles, lighting, legs, storage, knobs and fittings. It’s all in the details, really. Trends 4 Handle Fall 8 Knob Autumn 9 Knob Bell 10 Handle Base 11 Handle Quiet 12 Handle Button 13 Knob Duke 14 Handle Vanilla 15 Knob Scope 16 New arrivals Handle Compact 17 Knob Thor 18 Knob 411 19 Knob Mood 19 Handle 1353 20 Handle 1353 Leather Wrap 21 Handle Royal 22 Handle Lip 23 Handle Helix with tray 24 Handle Helix 25 Handle Pitch with tray 26 Handle Pitch 26 Knob Plato 27 Knob Pitch 28 Knob Helix 29 Knob Graf mini 30 Handle Graf mini 30 Handle Brohult M 32 Handle SS-A Leather Wrap 33 Knob Olympia 34 Handle Tuba 34 Knob Circum 36 Knob Mushroom 36 Handle Archive 37 Handle A16 37 The big picture 38